Crazy One Speech



This is an infographics work inspired from a speech delivered by Steve Jobs in 1997. I was motivated by the content and by the core values of Apple, especially how they value humans. So, I clipped around 60 seconds from the original video then visualized it.


Inspiration: Crazy one Speech by Steve Jobs
The original footage is around 7 minutes in which Jobs gives an inspiring, thought-provoking speech about how he redefined the position of Apple: they are not just a high-tech company. Moreover, they are a company creating value to people. The speech is encouraging and worth rewatching.

Design: Balance between organic & technological look

Color Palette & Elements Design





The speech was delivered in around 25 years ago, so I intuitively used a series of vintage colors to convey the retro vibe. Besides, I arranged two textures to meticulously blend with the elements among each footage. Therefore, even though I kept the elements in a clean and concise manner, it still holds well the value of humanity in this speech.

Feature objects
Above I have emphasizes a lot on the humanity’s side. However, It is still a speech about a tech company. In order to remind viewers of this point, I created multiple technological icon-like graphics animations. It took time to customized the relationship between these little graphics’ to each main object of each scene.

Animating of these graphics are easy, while placing them in each scene are difficult. The elements (layers) can be over a hundred in each comp, which increases tremendously the difficulty of finding them a perfect spot because it slowed down the computer’s performance and also cause trouble when rendering. I took a great amount of time to address this problem; PATIENCE was the keyword of this process.

This is the moonboard from which I developed the color palette and element looks.

Textures for blending with the elements

The little uint animation for featured objects

The composite look of featured objects



Design: Li-Yu Chen
2D Motion: Li-Yu Chen