Music Video - Robot Swing Me to the Moon

November 2022 --

This is a music video storyboarding project I made for a song, called “Robot Swing Me to the Moon.” With the brisk vocal and vibrant rhythm, I felt that it could be an interesting topic to visualize.


Robot Swing is an electronic band from Taiwan. They are good at using electronic and jazz instruments to integrate with the genres of R&B, Funk, Soul, and Jazz etc. The song “Robot Swing Me to the Moon” is from their album System Booting released in 2022.

Album Cover: System Booting, by Robot Swing released in 2022

Publicity Photo of Robot Swing

Lyrics | Robot Swing Me to the Moon by Robot Swing


Colors & Narrative
I used a straightforward color palette from their existing cover album to continue their design look and to maintain the familiarity to their music fans. I also found the lyrics are quite funny. So, I used Sketch and Toon to create a cartoony style so as to bring out the fun and interesting storytelling and visual look.

Character Design
According to the lyrics, I found that it is a story regarding someone who wants to grow up to catch up someone they admire. Therefore, I designed two forms of a robot to present the change and growth from the protagonist.

Character design sketch: Robot before growth

Character design sketch: Robot after growth

The 3D model of the robot before growth

The 3D model of the robot after growth


Design Boards


Character Design: Li-Yu Chen
3D model: Li-Yu Chen
Music: Robot Swing


Character Design
Music Video
Sketch and Toon


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