- MARCH 2021

Synergy Festival 2022 is a Taiwan homegrown electronic music festival, and this year is also the debut of this event. The fest is not only a music celebration but also includes digital art and gamification to spice up the exciting event.

Campaign | Synergy Fest 2022

Synergy Fest is a Taiwan's first large-scale celebration, which features techno genre of music and incorporate art, technology and gaming mechanics. "The Synergy Team believes in the strength of 1+1>2," say the organizers. Many Taiwanese celebrated musicians both from main steam and indie will come and join the celebration.


I listed a series of Synergy Fest 2022 keywords to present the core value of this event as precisely as possible

  • Synergy: 1+1>2, (Prefix) Syn-
  • Union: LGBTQ, Diverse
  • Music Genre: Techno, Synthesizer, Audio Wave
  • Slogan: Shape the future with music, art and technology
  • Binary Opposition: Virtual vs Reality (Concept) /Yin vs Yang (Logo)
  • Core Value: Overlap - Every person has their own frequency, so what will be created when we interact with other’s frequency?

Free Writing

Design treatment

I continued the existing branding package’s style, with bold bright typography and eye-appealing purple to keep the identity of this event. I also emphasized on this year’s campaign core value:

"Every person has their own frequency,
so what will be created when we interact with other’s frequency?"

I focused on this idea and then gave it a visual meaning. Since it is about electronics, I intuitively added lights, glow and glitch-related elements to my layout. To express the idea of frequency, pixel sorting, a kind of glitch effects, is a good candidate to present it, due to its wild, hardcore, intense and eye-catching feature. Thus, I combined the pixel sorting and different creatures’ images to resonate with the core idea. To present the idea that how different creatures bear and radiate their one-of-kind energy (frequency).

Styleframe 01

Styleframe 02

Styleframe 03

Pixel Sorting Test

Motion Treatment

After developing style frames, it turned out as a typography-dominated composition. So, I used a kinetic typography manner to play out the piece. I also added some of related elements to decorate the scene. (i.e. audio wave and game buttons)

Soundtrack | Body Attack

I found a perfect soundtrack to assist my visual presentation. This piece is from an electronic music band called HH, who are from Taiwan and are known for their avant-garde and experimental music. This audio body attack started from a series of sharp beep sounds, and then continue with intense and fast-paced beats to go through the sound piece. I felt that the dramatic and hardcore beats are suitable for the personality of this event.



Design: Li-Yu Chen
2D Motion: Li-Yu Chen
Soundtrack: HH