The Sound Wave of War


- February 2019

One day, this music— Presudeos— just tuned on in my Spotify. Its eccentric and magnificent vibe and beats caught my attention immediately. I was impressed by it a lot, so I dove into the world of the soundtrack and then created a visual piece to it from my personal perspective.


Soundtrack | Presudeos

"I really can't wait
What are you doing tonight?"

Presudeos is composed by Alon Mor, a talented Israeli musician, who excels at creating electronic, eerie, and avant-garde music. This soundtrack is around 9-minute long. However, I do not feel impatience to listen to it rather I enjoy the emotional and picturesque vibe of this amazing sound piece.


The unique and changeful elements among this piece gave me abundant imagination. I organized two elements as my main visual:

- Electronics: based on the music genre
- War: based on the vibe of darkness, middle east instrument playing, and sobbing from time to time.

I collected several war elements and assembled them into a shape of sound wave. If you look at them in the distance, they are just a normal sound wave, but, by looking closer, you can found that they are composed of multiple war elements such as missiles, various guns, jet planes and so on.



Graphic Design: Li-Yu Chen
Soundtrack: Alon Mor