Film | Cutting Grass

This is a title sequence for a short animation called Cutting Grass, created by an amazing student team from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. This film is around 11 minutes long and tells a story of vengeance. For this project, I created a 90-second-long title sequence for the film. See more concept

The motion mainly used the camera movement to track/truck the still objects to reveal the story. Thus, I modeled objects first, and then I arranged the animation to each object for each scene, which is quite tricky, and I needed some trial and error to find the perfect timing and composition to fit all the frames.

#3D Motion #2D Animation #Camera movement

I used a intense editing manner to address the film logo revealing

the 3D animation in Cinema4D

the 3D animation in Cinema4D


Client: Xiaoqi Xu
3D Model: Li-Yu Chen
Design: Li-Yu Chen
Motion Design: Li-Yu Chen
Soundtrack: Kadir Demir


Title Sequence
3D Motion
Concept Development


After Effects
Cinema 4D