Title Sequence | Empress Dowager Cixi

This is a title sequence I made for a book that I am really fond of. The book, Empress Dowager Cixi: who launched modern China, is a biography for Cixi (慈禧), the most controversial and important female historic figure in the modern Chinese history. I felt inspired after I read about all the achievements she had done, so I took this chance to give a whole new perspective to let people reimagine this amazing historic figure Cixi. See more concept

I synchronized a lot the objects/texts with the sound to bring an appealing visual experience to audience. I also generated the 3D objects to play out with the soundtrack rhythm and enhance the storytelling. Camera movement is another Key role in this project since it bring more dynamic and draw towards viewers’ attention further.

#Kinetic Typography #2D Motion #Camera movement

Lotus glitch

Text in caligraphy Flashing

The Buddha(佛) text Animation

Credits animation

The ink background breakdown

3D objects in the opening


Design: Li-Yu Chen
Motion Design: Li-Yu Chen
3D Model: Li-Yu Chen
Soundtrack: Sonia Calico


Title Sequence
3D Motion
Music Driven


After Effects
Cinema 4D